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Posted on 10/15/2018
How Many Property Showings Should You Schedule?
A home showing is a valuable opportunity for a property buyer. In certain instances, buyers will set up dozens of showings to review a wide range of residences. Meanwhile, a buyer sometimes finds the perfect residence during his or her first home showing. Ultimately, there is no set number of showings that you will need to attend before you...
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Posted on 10/08/2018
Advice for Selling Your House Quickly
There are a number of reasons you may want to sell your home quickly. Whether you’re hoping to avoid making two mortgage payments, or if you are moving a long distance and have a limited time to close on your old home, it can become imperative to sell quickly. Many homeowners in a rush to sell their home are...
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Posted on 10/01/2018
What to Expect During the Homebuying Cycle
The homebuying journey may prove to be long and complex, particularly for an individual who fails to plan ahead. Fortunately, there are lots of things that you can do to get ready to pursue your dream house, such as: 1. Make a Homebuying Budget A homebuying budget will give you a good idea about how much money you...
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Posted on 09/24/2018
How To Make Big Changes To Your Home In A Short Time
If you have been looking to give your home a bit of pizzaz, you may be worried about the cost or the time investment. The good news is that you don’t need to put in a huge amount of work or money in order to make a big difference in your home. Below, you’ll find some of the easiest...
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Posted on 09/17/2018
Is Your House Worth a Buyer's Time?
As a home seller, it is important to do everything possible to generate interest in your residence. Otherwise, it may be tough for you to maximize your house sale earnings. Ultimately, there are many things you can do to stir up interest in your house, such as: 1. Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal Buyers may be more likely to...
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Posted on 09/14/2018
Another Property Sold - 363 Old Burnt Hickory Road Acworth, GA 30101
Beautiful recently renovated ranch on basement is stratigically placed on rolling 3.98 acres of partially wooded land with stately road frontage. Location is just west of Cobb line. The over sized master, beautiful bathrooms, hardwoods, outstanding view provided by large sun room on backside and the large front porch all make this a stunning home. Workshop in basement, pole barn and large utility shed all make this home feel the country freshness just west of the...
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Posted on 09/12/2018
How To Build Home Equity
Having equity in your home is an incredibly valuable thing. It allows you to borrow against your house and shows that the value of your investment is rising. Equity defined is the difference between your home’s value and the amount you still owe on the home. Equity allows you to move forward with other properties and sell your current...
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